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The School Hostel


Opp. New Gate - Old City

HaTsanhanim #3

P.O. Box 20531

Jerusalem 9120402

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All bookings come with breakfast, FREE internet and towels for the duration of your stay.
Other amenities include:
-Air Conditioning in all rooms
-Single locked drawer for each bed (FREE)
-Option to rent outside locker
-Shower and Restroom access (Shower and Toilets only inside room 105)
-TV Room
-Mini Kitchenette at the food corner: includes toaster oven, refrigerator and microwave working area
-Work Space: each room has working desks with side lamps
-Bath and hand towels for all guests
-Designated smoking areas outside
-Outside common sitting areas
-Vending Machines
-Concierge / Reception Desk
-Tours available upon request
-Airport shuttle upon request
Any questions regarding amenities and other services, please contact us at: